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The Art of Appreciation

It’s challenging to go from the bottom to the top. Take steps to raise from one level to the next until you are at the top.

It’s a real challenge to keep a good perspective on things when you are having a crappy day. One thing leads to another and before you know it you have a day where you say “I should have stayed in bed”. And at those times, if you were to check in with the energetic field that surrounds you at all times, you would find it quite low, which is not conducive to having a positive day.

Everything has a vibration. That is a scientific fact. Even inanimate objects have a vibration because they contain atoms that move at the most microscopic level. They just move too slowly to see. You, too, have a vibration – every moment of every day and it changes constantly. You emit energy and people pick up that energy all the time. We have all met someone we liked right away and those we wanted to run away from. It was their energy you were picking up on. Whether it was the words, tone or body language, you picked it up and decided right then and there whether it was pleasing or not. You were either on board with getting to know them better or running away as fast as you could.

Believe it or not, your energy is based on your emotions. Your emotions are the single greatest contributor to your vibration. Unfortunately we don’t have a magical meter that shows if our vibration is high or low. That machine would be amazing. We could actually see which words and actions brought the vibe down and then consciously work to bring the vibration up again. Well, we don’t have that machine but do have a reliable method of determining our vibration. We have our emotions. They are a fabulous indicator of your vibration. Feeling happy? High vibration. Feeling worried or angry? Low vibration. Being aware of how you feel at any given moment is a huge indicator of your vibration at the time. You are your own “machine.”

Vibration is important because like attracts like.  If I had a guitar and a piano tuned to the same scale and I hit a low “E” note on the piano, the guitar E string would begin to vibrate.  Vibration has frequency and the piano note’s frequency would activate the guitar string with the same frequency. The two resonate with each other.  It works the same way with feelings and emotions and thoughts.  Just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not present.  Like I said above, we have all had days where one thing went wrong and then the whole day went downhill from there. Like attracted like.  But you have also had days where everything just seemed to go your way and you’ve said “Wow, I am on a roll.”  It’s all about the energetic vibration you carry.

So it stands to reason that you would want to have as a high a vibration as possible which means being in a good mood.  Is it possible to always be excited or hopeful? As long as you’re human, probably not. Real life intrudes every day. Traffic snarls, rude people, unfair situations, things that weigh on your nerves, oh yeah … you know you could name a hundred other scenarios too. When you let yourself slide down into anger, frustration and resentment, you are so involved in the intensity of the feeling, you don’t care about anything except stewing (for the quiet ones) or spewing (for the louder ones). It is so intense you just want to explode. You turn into an unpleasant grump and then vomit your frustrations on everyone – including your nearest and dearest – even sharing and justifying your foul mood on social media looking for people to engage and validate you.

So thappreciation-4e question is, then, how can you elevate your mood so that your level of vibration (what you attract) changes as well? This is the question that was on my mind recently so I tried an experiment.  You can try it too.  It worked really well and I was surprised at how I felt afterward.  I was totally connected and on a natural high.

Here are the steps:

STEP ONE: Take a deep sigh and put a smile on your face. And I mean a real smile. The one that reaches your eyes. Don’t have anything to smile about? YES YOU DO. Think of someone or something you love or cherish; or think of a song or movie that you like or makes you laugh.   Still cant get the smile to the eyes? Fine. Just keep it on your lips. It is a start and as “they” say – Fake it till you make it! That smile will be genuine soon enough.

STEP TWO: Get outside if possible. Nature is soothing and has a naturally high vibration. Can’t get outside? Work in a city and there is no “nature?” – Be creative! Look out the window to the sky, watch a bird in flight, or pull up one of a million YouTube videos that has gorgeous scenery. If all of that is impossible, then hum your favorite song – the one that makes your toes tap. That in and of itself will do wonders.


Always look for the bright side!

STEP THREE: Start appreciating what you are seeing. And I mean FEEL it. When I was at the beach this past weekend, I was appreciating how the sand was so smooth and how my toes felt when I dug in deeper. I appreciated the clouds and all the shapes they take. I appreciated the families (even the noisy ones) having fun because they reminded me of my own times on the beach with my kids. Just appreciate. FIND a way to appreciate it.

Note: Now when doing the appreciating, or looking for things to appreciate, you will invariably find something that displeases you, or causes you to judge. DON’T DO IT. Judgment is a very negative vibration and is worthy of a post all on its own! Keep looking until you find something to appreciate about the situation even if the words are “I am so appreciative that it is not me in that situation!” Make it a game! Keep searching until you find something to appreciate or be grateful for.

Depending on the person that you are and your individual thoughts, experiences and feelings, this may nor may not be an easy exercise for you. If you are naturally optimistic, this is an easier exercise. If not, and pessimism is your more natural state, this will be more challenging. But it can be done and you CAN train yourself to begin to look for ways out of the lower vibrations.  Seriously, who does not want to feel better?

Some of you may have heard of gratitude lists and some of you may already be using them. They work too but if you just write words of things you are grateful for and do not feel the emotion of gratitude when you write, then the exercise is useless. The point of all of this is to FEEL the gratitude, FEEL the appreciation. It works. I know because I use it every day. I prefer the word “appreciate” most of the time because it just fits. “Oh I am so grateful the clouds are big and puffy today” does not have the same impact for me as “I appreciate that the clouds are big and puffy today”.  Splitting hairs? Maybe. Appreciation and Gratitude do go hand in hand and they are interchangeable.  But I do what works for me and you will find for yourself what works for you. It truly does not matter. Appreciation and gratitude both hold a very high vibration.

Here is one way it works: When you are in a state of gratitude or appreciation, your vibration is high. You are happy and calm and relaxed. And when you are happy, calm  and relaxed, you are in a state of allowing good, positive things to come into your life. That “allowing” part is really important. It is a strong and powerful energy that can bring “good fortune” and “serendipitous people and events” right to you.  We call those “coincidences” but actually it is just like attracting like!  🙂

As you read this post, you may have said to yourself – “I already know all of this.”  Nothing new here.  Very well.  You know it.  BUT DO YOU PRACTICE IT?  Knowing and doing are two totally different things.  So for all you that “know it” already….DO IT!  🙂

The main goal is to have more positive emotions than negative ones. Who would not want to mostly feel happy or enthusiastic or optimistic and hopeful as compared to bored or frustrated or worried? Change your emotions to raise your vibration or use the exercise to raise your vibration so your emotions change. It doesn’t matter how it happens. It just matters that it happens.

So try it and let me know what happened when you did the exercise.  Were you able to elevate yourself?  Even just a little bit?  Email me or leave a comment. I would really like to know because I appreciate each and every one of you!

Many blessings,

~ Deborah