Enlightened Concepts

Peace through Perspective


EFT is the absolute best tool I have been given to manage my life. I really believe that I would not be where I am today without it. Years of hurt and almost unmanageable, fierce anger were quickly reduced to a tolerable level that left me able to look at the root cause and work with it to heal it. I was able to see just how much different areas of my life were affected by a childhood trauma and I have learned how to allow myself to forgive myself and those involved. A key factor for me was feeling safe as I did this and Debbie’s gentle and loving guidance and encouragement created that space I needed to feel safe. I continue to use EFT in my daily life and I recommend it to everyone. – Rosanne.


A few years ago on Christmas Day I was straightening my hair with a flat iron, getting ready for the usual family get together. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the HOT iron slipped and I caught it with my hand. I had a horrible burn in the middle of my palm. I immediately rushed to Walgreens to get the cooling burn cream for my hand. An hour later my hand was still hurting really bad and my almost charred skin got tight so that every time I closed my hand a stinging sensation ran through my entire body! When I got to Debbie’s for dinner she asked why I had the bandage on my hand. When I explained it to her she suggested that we go in the other room so she could “work” on it. During her Reiki treatment, I LITERALLY felt the heat coming out of my HAND! It was crazy! Every couple of minutes she would ask me if I could close my hand and what the level of pain was each time. Surprisingly enough the number went from a Blazing 10 to zero after only 20-30 minutes of this treatment. Not only that but there WAS NO SCAR – NOT EVEN A BLISTER!  I was honestly amazed! In the beginning I was saying to myself “this isn’t going to work” but it really did. and now I believe in it. Try it.. it WORKS!   – Andie R.


Possibly calling me a skeptic is an understatement but I am constantly fascinated by the ability of this woman to empower as well as create a sense of calm for me, a dichotomy to my general way of thinking and functioning.   Through kind words and gentle touch, stresses are reduced if not gone; I am relaxed and find I am open to reflection, self acknowledgement and healing.

Very few times in life will you feel this loved and protected, this gift and flow of energy solely directed at you. It allows you to shed limitations and realize your potential.  Embrace it. –   Robert S.



My five year old daughter was diagnosed with pink eye and needed to have eye drops three times a day for 5 days.  To put it mildly, she was terrified. I tried everything I could think of – talking her through it, distracting her, reasoning with her, making a game of it and even promising a reward afterward.  Nothing worked.  Her fear was just consuming her each time she needed the drops.  Tears would well up in her eyes and pour down.  (How can you benefit from eye drops when tears would just wash them away?)

I finally called Debbie.  I had worked with her and EFT before for myself.  I find EFT to be not only simple but most importantly very freeing for emotional issues.  Debbie came over with “Tappy”, a teddy bear designed with special markings to teach a small child where to tap.  About 45 minutes later, the eye drops were in my daughter’s eyes and her fear went from being uncontrollable to just a little nervous.

Afterwards, each time my daughter needed to have the drops put in she would tap her way through it.  In fact, we tapped together.  There was no judgment or condemnation, no belittling and no fear.  Just love, peace and a guidance that is perfect for a small child.  Perfect, in fact, for the small child in each of us….thanks Debbie!  – Cheryl S.


When I met Debbie about a year ago I had a very difficult time in expressing my love to anyone and mostly not loving myself.  With Debbie’s help I have learned to love myself, and not be afraid to hug and express my love to others.  People have even made comments that there is something different about me, a softness about me, and a smile on my face.

Recently my father passed away. When I mentioned this to Debbie, I also told her that my family’s tradition is to stay up all night, talk and reminisce about the person that has died.  I’ve done this many times and barely made it thru the night. This time it felt different. I was awake, not sleepy, full of energy, and in control of my emotions.

Everyone, even myself, was amazed. At that time I didn’t give it much thought until I checked my emails, and there was one from Debbie telling me that she was thinking of me and sending me mental/emotional energy.

I thank you Debbie for all you’ve done and for helping me find myself.  Lena J


I want to thank you for helping me at the wedding we were both invited to in Virginia. The night before the wedding I had terrible pains in my right leg. When you heard me complaining about my discomfort, you immediately offered to help me. When you placed your hands on my leg , I actually felt the pain pulling away from my body. As a result, I was able to wear my heels at the wedding the next day and stay on the dance floor . It was amazing that I went from being in pain and limping to walking straight and dancing up a storm. Thank you for your help.  –  Jennie E .


Over the years, Debbie informed me on how I could improve my quality of life by simply being more aware of the way I think and communicate. By replacing my thought process and verbiage, from negative to positive, I will receive positive “forces” in return. It does work!!

Thank you Debbie for changing my life for the better!! – J.G.


Debbie, I am truly blessed that you have this special gift to help us understand and use what you have taught us in our everyday life . This is an experience I will never forget. I am not sure I can put my experience with you into words. I guess I never realized until your classes how important every day is and how many things I have to be grateful for. I no longer experience guilt in how I choose to live each day; it is my own choice and no one else’s. I discovered that I will never take anything for granted again. I no longer feel guilty of things that are not in my control. I am learning to let go of the past and live for each day. One day at a time. Thank you so much! – M.R.
I feel very fortunate to have participated in the EFT classes provided by Debbie. I was not familiar with Energy Therapy but it did not take long to get caught up in the positive emotions and high energy level. With each session, I learned new ways to channel my stresses and frustrations. Tapping is an amazing way to bring down stress and anxiety levels – though, shame on me, I don’t use it as often as I should. But I am grateful to know it is there and to have it at my disposal to help me through everyday problems. Debbie is an amazing teacher – kind, thoughtful, intuitive and an energy level so high you want to always be with her. She knows how to handle each individual and each problem. I am anxiously waiting for my next class…rejuvenation is always wonderful!!! All I can say is “thank you Debbie”. Cathy K.

Thanks to my studying and sessions with Deborah Lahoud, I have a new life.

I learned to use the EFT technique to tap into and calm some very deeply rooted emotional issues. I didn’t realize what a huge rut I was in. It took just 2 sessions for everything to begin unraveling and the healing to start. Kind loving words of inspiration and support from Debbie helped me through the pain and onto my exciting journey.

After 30 years I am going to school for a career path that I have wanted since I was a child. I allowed everything to get in the way of making that change and EFT helped me to clear all that. I can see my goal clearly now and I’m focused towards a positive successful change.

I took it a step further and began to study Reiki with Debbie. How fantastic to be able to learn how to meditate and work more consciously at a deeply spiritual level. I was very fortunate to have this experience with Debbie and still continue my studies with her.

I highly recommend the use of her services. She has a great gift of healing that must be experienced by those in need. I have truly transformed into another person, happier, healthier, focused, and more confident than I ever could have imagined! – Linda J.


Debbie, thanks sooooo much!!! I am feeling so much better. God can only pay you with lots of blessings, good health and long life. I was dizzy all the time. Now dizziness tries to get to me, but it is very little and mild, almost like nothing while before it was killing me.  This is truly incredible that I have suffered  for more than two years, and was just worsening on a daily basis; in spite of so many tests, and doctors visits without answers or clues, your therapies have rescued my sanity and my life.  OMG, thank you! xoxo  Theresa 🙂