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Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

Is it truly possible to finally rid yourself of limiting thoughts or beliefs that hold you back from true happiness, success, health & well being?


In a word…..YES!


The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – also known as “Tapping ” or “Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT)“) was created by Gary Craig many years ago and works to quickly, gently and easily release the negative emotions and beliefs that are at the root of all our problems and pain.  EFT heals emotional problems by undoing the damage from the past.  Seriously!  It has worked for millions of people and can work for you too!

The theory behind EFT states that once there is a build up of emotional or physical distress, our body’s energy pathways become blocked and must be cleared in order for healing to occur. EFT restores balance to the energy system and frees the physical and emotional bodies to resume their own healing functions. Emotional Freedom Techniques ( also EFT or Tapping) has provided millions of people worldwide with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues. Simply stated, it is an emotional version of acupuncture — except needles aren’t necessary!

The EFT Tapping process is surprisingly simple, easy to memorize and portable so you can do it anywhere. In its simplest form, you just focus on something that is bothering you while tapping with your fingertips on just a few easily learned acupuncture points.  See the points here.  You will discover that the painful feelings simply drain away. Negative beliefs lose their power as well.

EFT can efficiently neutralize the emotional drains of anger, fear, guilt, trauma and even helps with phobias. Properly applied, EFT can pave the way for inner peace like nothing else before it. As it reduces our emotional baggage, it allows us to think more clearly and make decisions without our past negative experiences getting in the way.

People often wonder how long the effect lasts. Do you have to keep reapplying EFT to maintain the relief? The answer depends on whether you apply EFT to the symptoms of a problem or the root cause of the problem. If you apply EFT to the symptoms of a problem without addressing the root cause, the relief will be temporary.  If you apply EFT to the root cause of the problem, the relief will be permanent.  One of the reasons to seek an EFT Certified Therapist is because we are trained to find the root cause.

I have used EFT with my clients to relieve the pain from strong emotional memories or traumas in just one or two sessions (some issues take longer – it depends on how long it takes to get to the root cause).  EFT is the most effective, efficient, gentle healing method I have come across since I started my practice 15 years ago and it has transformed the effectiveness of my practice.  EFT often works where other methods fail.

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For more information, please visit the EFT website (www.emofree.com).  There, you will find hundreds of case histories where many physical and emotional issues have gained complete or partial relief from EFT.

My personal EFT story:

My very first experience with EFT with was a therapist that I was seeing after my father passed away in 2000.  I remember telling her that ever since he had died several months earlier, I would go out of my way to avoid the streets around the hospital where he died even if it meant encountering more traffic or took a lot longer.  I just could not bear to drive anywhere near the area.  My heart would beat of my chest and I would start to hyperventilate.  She then told me about a technique that more and more therapists were being trained in.  She called it EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.  It was a simple process of using my fingertips to tap parts of my body around the face and chest while talking about a problem.  The purpose was to reduce the “intensity” of whatever emotions or physical event one was experiencing.  She wanted to try it out on me so she showed me the technique and where to tap and then asked me “On a scale of 0 to 10, (with 10 being extremely agitated) how stressed are you when you think about driving near the hospital?”  My answer was a 10. At that point, I didn’t even really want to think about driving near it.  So we did a few rounds of tapping on the various acupressure points she had shown me.  It took about 3 minutes to complete the sequence and then she asked me to check in with my thoughts and feelings to see if I was still at a “10” in feeling stressed.  To my surprise, I felt like it was a much lesser number and the number that came to mind was a 4.  So we did some additional tapping and at end of that round (about 2 minutes), she had me check in again.  Again, to my surprise, I could not access any feelings of stress or dread when thinking about driving near or past the hospital.  She asked me a few more questions which did not elicit any reactions (meaning the answer to her questions about how I felt on a scale of 0-10 was consistently a zero or a 1) and the only thing left was to test it out when I drove home.  Not only was I able to drive home the shorter route (which passed the hospital) but I also let myself turn down the street and was able to look at the hospital as I drove by.  Other than a small amount of sadness at my father’s passing, I felt nothing.  My heartbeat and breathing remained normal and I was not bothered by any unusual thoughts or emotions.  I remember thinking “Wow…THIS is something I HAVE to learn for myself.”  And thus began the journey of learning and becoming certified as an EFT practitioner so that I could help others the same way that I, myself, was helped.

I use EFT personally on a consistent basis. It has changed my life.  I even wrote a blog recently about what happened when I had an encounter with a hidden emotional trauma from my past and how I used EFT to neutralize my reactions.  You can read about it here