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About Me

I have been working with energy healing techniques in one form or another for over 25 years, and I am always amazed at the transformation that comes about as a result of the work – both for myself and for my clients.About Me

While I am not a licensed therapist and do not hold a medical degree, I am very experienced and certified in several healing methods. I am also very intuitive.  This enables me to help you zero in on your issues to quickly resolve any turmoil you are experiencing.  My success rate is high.

I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, which is non-denominational and embraces all religions.  I am also a dedicated student of “A  Course in Miracles”, and I approach my clients and my work with great understanding, non-judgment and a very spiritual perspective.

I have worked with both adults and children and am as pleased as they are with the results achieved by Energy Therapy.  I also work with animals.  I hold Reiki classes and seminars on Peace through Perspective and the Law of Attraction. I would enjoy speaking with you about what Energy Therapies can do for you.  I think you will be amazed at how quickly and gently most of your problems can be resolved.

My first time with Energy Healing:

I first knew my hands could heal when my father was rushed to the hospital in 1996 with an aortic aneurysm.  The cardiologist at St. Michael’s Hospital in Newark gave him less than a 30% chance of survival based on what the tests and pictures showed.  They had to go in, evacuate the blood and repair his aorta with an artificial piece. It was badly damaged. They said the surgery would take at least six hours and they prepared us for the worst.  My father was 76 and had high blood pressure.

Before they brought him into surgery, I remember that one of my sisters and my brother held hands at my father’s feet and were silently praying.  During that time I felt compelled to place my hands over my father’s heart and I closed my eyes.  I thought I was going to pray too but I was surprised at what began to happen.  My hands became so warm and I could feel an energy leaving my hands and entering my father’s chest.  Although my eyes were closed I could see a bright white light encompassing his entire chest and the warmth became stronger and stronger.  I stayed like this for several minutes.  I did not want to move and stop whatever was happening to me. 

At some point, my brother and sister moved and began to leave the room.  I knew it was time for my father to go into surgery and I removed my hands from his chest.  I kissed him on the cheek and wished him well.  I told him that I loved him. 

Then the entire family went into the waiting room prepared to sit and worry for six long agonizing hours.

After two hours the doctor came in.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we were surprised to see the doctor so soon and we feared the worst.  What the doctor had to say surprised us all.  He told us that they were all very surprised when they opened my father’s chest.  The aorta had begun to heal itself and did not need replacement!  All they had to do was evacuate the blood that had been lost when the aorta burst, hence the shortened time in the Operating Room.

At that moment I knew, without a doubt, that energy healing had taken place.  I knew my father’s healing had begun – not just because of prayer – but because I took all the love I had and put that energy through my hands.  I knew that like I knew my own name.

That event led me to where I am today – a Reiki Master Teacher who desires to give others this miraculous blessing to heal others with Love.

 My Mom’s Story

My mother was in the hospital for almost a full month before the doctor’s figured out her symptoms were indicative of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  We were told (and were all relieved) that this was something she could live with for a long time.  At some point though (time blurs all memories unfortunately), she developed a tumor between her heart and her lung.  It was the size of a grapefruit.  The recommended treatment was chemotherapy and she faithfully endured a full round.   I remember sitting with her as she handed me scissors to cut her hair since it was falling out so rapidly. Snip after snip and her hair was gone.  It was surreal.  Such an odd thing to share with one’s mother.

The chemo successfully eradicated the the tumor and she was pretty much symptom free for an entire year.  Then the breathing issues began again.  Once again, the tumor was back and growing rapidly as large as the first.  Chemo was the first course of treatment but this time around, my mother could not tolerate it and she was taken off after only two visits.  The doctors gave her something else that I cannot remember but it had no effect and she was ineligible for a clinical trial that was running at the time.  Four months after her attempts at treatment, the symptoms were getting worse, the tumor was still quite large and her options were running out.   I suggested that she let me give her Reiki treatments.  I remember her saying to me that it “couldn’t hurt” and I worked with her, running energy into the tumor three times a week for about an hour.  I remember her saying how peaceful she felt afterwards and that even if the Reiki did not work on the tumor it was still a great experience for her – a respite from her worries for one hour a few times a week.  Each session I gave her I felt the energy of the tumor changing.  I did believe it was getting smaller since the energy imprint of it did not take up as much space in my hand as it did originally.

About 3 weeks after we were working together, she had an appointment to check the size of the tumor.  I joked with her that they would not be able to find it.  She laughed and agreed.  When the test results came back, the report was mixed.  The tumor had actually shrunk to the size of a walnut (from almost the size of a baseball!).  We were thrilled.  She beamed from ear to ear.  The downside was that they discovered a dark spot on her lung and scheduled a PET scan to check that out.   Since that appointment was two weeks away, I told her that we were going to ramp up our efforts and just take care of everything in that two week period so that when she went back for the PET scan, she would not only not have the black spot gone but that the tumor would be as well.  I worked on her during that two week time frame and both of us visualized the tumor and black spot gone from her body.

When she got her test results back, we were elated to find out that not only had the black spot disappeared but also that the tumor was gone.  The way she looked at me with gratitude is something I will never forget and it showed me the power of believing and the gift of energy medicine.  The hospital even documented that the treatment she received was Reiki.

My Mom died suddenly without warning in 2006 from congestive heart failure but her tumor never returned in the interim.