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Peace through Perspective

Peace through Perspective? Really?

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Dissatisfied with some aspect of your life?  Probably. What if I told you that YOU and you alone had the power to change it.  What if I told you that YOU possess Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and have had the power all along to transform your life?  Would you think that is a miracle?  Is there even such a thing as a miracle?  Without hesitation, I will tell you absolutely YES, and they occur every day!    But I’m actually talking about a specific kind of miracle.  It is the miracle of changing the way you look at things, also known as your “perspective”.  So why is it a miracle?  Because most of us DON’T do it and if we do, it is so rare, it qualifies as a miracle!  🙂

The way we think about things causes most (if not all) of the emotional and mental anguish we experience.  Each of us views life based on our individual life experiences and upbringing.  These views can either bring peace or pain.  So if we create from our thoughts, it would stand to reason that if we could change the way we think about things, then emotional pain, worry and stress… all that negativity we experience, could be alleviated.

We constantly read stories where something tragic has happened to someone.  When you temporarily put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you gain an important perspective. You get that momentary glimpse into just how good your life is because that awful story didn’t happen to you and then for that moment, you experience the relief and peace that perspective brings. These reminders are good but they are so short-lived! Just why is it that we often have to have something terrible happen to someone else in order to appreciate our own lives? Perhaps you know someone who repeatedly posts “Life is Good” on Facebook. I will bet that’s really easy to write when you are sunning on a beach or driving in the car with the top down or when you are having that “Ahhhhh” moment. Yep, life sure is good at those times.  But the goal is to gain the perspective to see how life is good ALL the time, NO MATTER WHAT.

Undeniably, there appears to be more stress, more worry and more obsessing over everything these days. There do not seem to be enough hours in the day and things sometimes go wrong in a heartbeat! How do YOU react when you have to wait in long lines or there is traffic? When your partner or spouse is having a “bad” day? What happens to your day if an appointment gets canceled or something terrible happens to you or someone you know? Does your mind go wild with thoughts in all directions? Does your stomach do flip flops? Can you feel the tension building? Perhaps you find yourself unable to think of anything but the problem, consumed by what-ifs and crazy suppositions. Most likely that is the case. It is, after all, what one would consider the usual reaction. You probably even have great reasons why you reacted the way you did. It happens to me too. But what I have learned is how to stop the madness and mitigate the wild thinking that occurs when things like this happen by changing the way I look at the situation.  I can now do it quickly after the initial shock of the incident wears off. Sometimes I can even do it immediately.  Eventually, you can even learn to not even be affected by what goes on around you!

The plan for this blog is to unfold a series of tools you can use to experience the miracle of perception shift for yourself and as a result experience a more peaceful existence. You may stumble at first but I promise with consistent use, you too, will become more centered and find waynedyermore tranquility than you ever imagined possible. Some of what we will talk about in this blog will be completely new and different concepts that will challenge the way you view the world and some of what will be discussed you may already know (but could use a reminder!).  So if these posts are something that helps you or enlightens you – even if for a moment, great!  And if not….well, no harm done — perhaps you can pass it along to someone who could benefit from it. .

So follow me, if you will, on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. I look forward to sharing my stories and insights with you all and I hope you will share yours with me!  Perhaps together we can all discover…Peace through Perspective!

Love & Light,



Author: Deborah Lahoud

I have a background in education and taught for many years, yet my passion has always been personal and spiritual growth. I've always wanted to understand what makes people tick, how people can change, and what gives our lives meaning and purpose. In my own healing journey, I eventually reached a point where insight wasn't enough. I understood many of my issues, yet could not free myself from negative emotions and patterns of behavior. That is when I discovered energy therapies. Through that work, and through attending intensive transformational classes held by my dear friend and channel, Sharon Dvorak, I experienced profound healing and lasting change. I began to transform and gained an entirely different perspective - truly freed from my old patterns. I believe we are all here for a reason. As each day unfolds, the goal is to see more of the Sun and far less of the shadow that surrounds this world and our lives! Hopefully, my experiences and words can inspire you to think differently about situations. After all....Perspective is Everything! Namaste....

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