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The Little Soul and The Sun – Part 1



Author: Deborah Lahoud

I have a background in education and taught for many years, yet my passion has always been personal and spiritual growth. I've always wanted to understand what makes people tick, how people can change, and what gives our lives meaning and purpose. In my own healing journey, I eventually reached a point where insight wasn't enough. I understood many of my issues, yet could not free myself from negative emotions and patterns of behavior. That is when I discovered energy therapies. Through that work, and through attending intensive transformational classes held by my dear friend and channel, Sharon Dvorak, I experienced profound healing and lasting change. I began to transform and gained an entirely different perspective - truly freed from my old patterns. I believe we are all here for a reason. As each day unfolds, the goal is to see more of the Sun and far less of the shadow that surrounds this world and our lives! Hopefully, my experiences and words can inspire you to think differently about situations. After all....Perspective is Everything! Namaste....

3 thoughts on “The Little Soul and The Sun – Part 1

  1. Deb, a wonderful reading of my favorite book. The first time I heard the story I sobbed with the light shining in on me and my life. I did shed some tears this time. I agree that this is a book to be read or listened to many times. And with your video it can be done over and over. Remembering who we are and knowing about the lessons that are presented here for us is a relief.
    Congratulations Deb! Looking forward to the next one.
    Love you dearly.


  2. Thank you Sharon for your support and for helping me begin the journey of Who I Am Here To Be. Much love….


  3. Deb, I am so excited to see your first video blog! I have watched it and even though it is a story I am so familiar with and love as much as you do, I am always and forever touched with your presentation of it. Each time is like the first time I ever heard it or read it. You are an amazing person with the gift of speaking so beautifully. There are so many people who have never heard of this book and for them my heart swells knowing how deeply, profoundly and beautifully this story is able to touch them. Thank you for presenting this story and beginning your video blogs in this way.

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